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Bird house – white


bird house in raw sandstone
Type : Part in small series
Certificate of Authenticity : Yes
Use : decorative object


Fired at high temperature, ceramic objects are made to live outside with the 4 seasons.

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The Blue tits breeds from April to July and can have one to two clutches of 5 to 12 eggs, usually flecked with rufous. Incubation lasts 13 to 16 days.

This is one of the birds that often use nesting boxes. She builds a rather loose bowl-shaped nest made of grasses, feathers and moss. It is possible that Blue Tits adopt nesting boxes because the best nesting sites are occupied by dominant Great Tits. Only the female broods but the male feeds her during this period.

Both parents take care of the feeding of the young. The daily feeding frequency is between 264 and 573 feedings per day. The chicks leave the nest after 18 days and fledge after 4 weeks.

Installation : You can install it in a tree, under an awning, against a tree or a wall, in a hedge…

  • He must have a minimum height of 1.60 meters
  • the launch hole should be away from the prevailing winds
  • the cord is marine halyard, it is designed to resist marine abrasion and UV.

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Weight 1,9 kg
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 18 cm
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